Rave Reviews

“Can you spell … F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C? BRILLIANT? COLOSSAL? OFF-THE-CHARTS CONTENT? YOU are simply on FIRE, little Miss Amber, and I am so, so, SO, SO, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU! You have truly stunned me with the Summit. Dang, girl! You nailed it!!!! WELL DONE! Thumbs up!” – Dawn-Marie Hanrahan

“The only person I’m familiar with on the panel is Christine Kane so I listened to her first. Now I’m listening to the rest sequentially. So far, aside from Christine’s, I’ve listened to Amber’s (great!) and I’m half way through Dr. David Chalk. And the only reason I’m only half way through is because I keep stopping the feed & rewinding to take notes. I’d say I’ve made back my investment many times over with only the two & a half interviews I’ve listened to so far. Thanks so much for putting this together Amber!” – Valentina Serra

“Just a quick note to tell you how much I’ve learned from the Authentic Business Success Summit…and I’ve only watched 3 interviews! Your guests are so open and free with their ideas, strategies, and success tips, that I have just been blown away by the value I’ve received so far. In particular, I loved the way Mike Michalowicz talked about how each of us is the absolute best in the world at something, and how we can monetize that unique gift. Mike clearly understands the mind of the entrepreneur, and I’ve already started using one of his big take-a-ways. Thanks for all the hard work you did, and continue to do to put this together. It really makes a difference. The first three videos were so good, that I plan on watching at least three or four more this weekend!” – Tom Rubens

Invaluable content! I am on video number 5 today and already have 20 pages of notes! Eric Graham made a huge impact! Hearing him speak about how to bring the greatest value to the greatest amount of people. It really resonated with me. And I’ll tell you what, I don’t know about his 34 degree showers but he did motivate me to start swimming each morning (I’m training for a half ironman and procrastinate on my swim practice). Eric, you have changed a life today! Thanks! And thank you Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer for putting together this summit. I cannot wait to see where this takes me.” – Kimberly Maska

I love Authentic Business Success Summit! Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer created something so innovative, I know it will create a shift in how Summit’s are run and viewed. The group of people that Amber assembled and their combined wisdom, I’m convinced will better every single person that takes the time to listen, and then act on what they learn. I’m hard pressed to choose a favorite! I seriously have pages of notes from the speakers. I’ve already implemented parts of information that resonated with me, and in turn will have an impact on my business. I love what Dr. David Chalk said, “Do everything you don’t want to do for 30 days.” Christine Kane shared wisdom, when you don’t know what direction to pursue, “If you did know, who would you serve?” I just watched your video Amber, excellent, tons of content. I’ll stop there, because, each speaker is amazing.” – Deanna Robinson

The Authentic Business Success Summit is pretty much blowing my mind right now. I’m learning the “secrets” of the best in the world and realizing that I am capable of doing exactly what they are doing if I put into practice what I’m learning. I have the potential to change not just my business this year but my entire life. Today I watched Christine Kane and Dr. David Chalk’s videos. Totally amazing! I love David’s advice that if you do everything you don’t want to do for 30 days your life will be changed. So profound. So simple. But not many people will do it. I am going to let that idea grow a little longer for me in terms of how it relates to my entire life but I am definitely going to embody it 100% in my business starting today. Amazing stuff Amber, amazing. Thank you.” – Parrish Wilson

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer’s Authentic Business Success Summit is like a treasure chest packed with hidden gems any entrepreneur would die to have in their hands. Listening to Hal Elrod discuss how to create a ‘Miracle Morning’ routine is especially motivating because his suggestions are simple but extremely powerful. They really help you set the stage for making every day of your life exciting, dynamic and highly productive.” – Casey Demchak

“I thoroughly enjoyed watching Ken McArthur’s Authentic Business Summit interview today. It was filled with great advice. For those who don’t know Amber, she is a game changer in your business and over delivers every time. You definitely want her on your team.” – Kelli Law

“Amber you Rock Rock Rock. I’m sure you have heard this but thank you for putting all this together. There is a ton of information. I just watched the awesome”ness” Mike Michalowicz – 2x – it was fantastic. I wished I had 2 votes to give out for Mike & John Lee Dumas. Both guys rock rock rock.” – Darlene Cote