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Finally, The Inside Secrets to Growing a Highly-Profitable, Rewarding Online Business Straight from 6-7-and-8-figure Earners!

Who Else Wants to Get Access to 15 Extremely Successful Entrepreneurs
and Their Best Mindset and Business Strategies to
Make 2019 YOUR Breakout Year in Business?


A personal message from the heart of Amber Vilhauer:

You said it yourself. You said this year was going to be YOUR year and I said the same thing. And maybe, just maybe, that flame is still burning but by now, you’ve felt that debilitating doubt crawl back in. Even if just for a moment, you questioned if you could, in fact, pull it off.

Let me ask you a few questions…

  • Do you find yourself going through the motions, day after day, trying to focus on making progress yet falling short and therefore you’re not generating the kind of income you need to support your family and business?
  • Do you wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety, aimlessly questioning if (and when) you’ll get the results you need to make your business work, to gain the respect of your family and colleagues, and to make the kind of impact you have since only dreamt about?
  • Did you buy into one too many programs to give you the leg up on success yet felt each one fell short and just left you overwhelmed on what to do next, when and how?

I know how sometimes the pressure to perform can feel absolutely crushing, yet, you also feel a burning desire to succeed that is so great you can’t even contain it sometimes.

At the end of the day, you just want to help people. You want to make an impact.
(and making a lot of money in the process wouldn’t hurt…)
I completely understand how you feel because that’s how I feel too, and that’s why I’ve created The Authentic Business Success Summit. Something I’ve learned from speaking with and working with some of the top, authentic business leaders on the planet is, it’s possible to make a fantastic living while touching thousands of life if you know how to…

Turn Your Passion into A Profitable Enterprise

Do you have a business or idea that centers on giving back to others to help them live their best lives?

Do you have a powerful message to share that you know more people need to hear?

Do you want to turn that powerful message and passion into a profitable revenue stream?

What if you could learn how to make your business a roaring success directly from 15 of the most respected online marketing experts in the world?

And when I say experts, I mean 15 people who’ve created multi-six-seven-and-eight figure enterprises based on being authentic human beings who exude sincerity and integrity.

These are respected go-to authorities in their industry who wake up every day dedicated to sharing their gifts, giving back to their community and helping other people.

What do these experts all have in common? They’ve built wildly successful businesses based on simply being themselves! And they are extremely anxious to show you exactly how they did it so you too can achieve the same success.

Why are they willing to share so freely so your business can skyrocket in 2019? Because they believe in abundance and they know there is plenty of it for everyone. They’d love to see more people step forward to share their message and help uplift those around them.

The Authentic Business Success Summit is a ground-breaking online program and community where I lead you through an incredible experience that will change your life and give you exactly what you need to make 2019 your best year yet!

Introducing the Leading, Authentic Online Entrepreneurs
Who Are Fired Up To Give Back in a Huge Way and Support Your Dreams

Would it sound exciting to…

  • Bypass months or years of networking and opportunity hunting, and instead get immediate access to some of the top thought leaders of our time?
  • …And not just get access to these mega-successful entrepreneurs to share your struggles and celebrate your wins with, but get inside their minds and know the top mindset and business strategies they use every day to build their own empires?
  • …Then get to be a part of a special, private community of like-minded individuals with the same goals to help you achieve your dreams long-term?
  • … All the while being a part of a game-changing moment in online history where $14,227.30 was donated to charity because of these amazing thought leaders?

That’s what I’m offering you. The chance to be a part of something GREAT!

But don’t just take my word for it … see for yourself!

In just a minute I’m going to give you a very valuable preview to the strategies these extraordinary leaders will share with you, including 45 minutes of video clips you can watch right now. (…Absolutely free!)

Shorten Your Learning Curve – Significantly!

Normally to hear all of these great experts speak, you’d have to attend a live event (many of which are priced at $2-5,000) or hire them 1-on-1 for coaching (upwards of $2,500/hour).

There are a lot of great aspects to the Authentic Business Success Summit, but here’s a big one!

You don’t have to leave home and travel to experience the full power of this program. No airfare, no hotel or blocking days off your schedule. Instead, these major success stories come to you when you want them to through pre-recorded, one-hour video interviews – available for you right now!

Each interview focuses on the two most important ingredients for success: your mindset and your business strategy.

  • Your mindset is one of the biggest reasons you may not succeeding at the level you desire. Your level of success is determined by how you overcome doubts and instead trust your intuition/experience and take constant action. It’s time to overcome this once and for all! Learn personal details of how these speakers overcame their mindset obstacles and built their empires.
  • Since each speaker has years and years of experience in different fields you are getting a total business training intensive! Learn the specific business tactics and strategies they employ to continually grow and expand their enterprise in the areas of social media, list-building, monetization, team-building, podcasting, joint venture partnerships and more!

Simply select the session you’d like to view, and then soak up the information packed into each session that can fuel your business success for years to come. It’s like having 15 of the most successful people in the world with you to guide, inspire and mentor you whenever, and wherever, you want!

What more could you ask for if you’re serious
about going BIG with your business in 2019?

Introducing the Speakers Who Will Mentor You
(+ Watch Video Previews Right Now!)

Amber Vilhauer

Amber Vilhauer for Team Rubicon

Amber Vilhauer is an online business development expert who built a highly-reputable company, NGNG Enterprises Inc. standing for No Guts No Glory, doing what she absolutely loves...helping authentic leaders get their message out to the masses through a dynamite, integrated online presence. (more below)

Introducing... How to Go from an Authentic Messenger to an Authentic Leader Creating a Lasting Legacy!

Watch a preview:

Just a few of the above-and-beyond internal business strategies, techniques and systems Amber is excited to share with you...

  • Finally, learn the top mindset issues that hold you back from achieving your highest potential. (... PLUS a 5-step technique for converting your fears into unbreakable confidence!)
  • Amber's simple-to-implement strategy that allowed her to generate immediate income and start growing her client base without begging potential clients to buy. (This is the very strategy that allowed Amber to grow a multi-six-figure business without a lot of sweat and tears)
  • 3 core focus areas that will support you to scale your business from $100,000 to $300,000+ ... without working around the clock and draining your bank account to pay for a team.

Full Bio: Amber Vilhauer is an online digital marketing expert who supports authors, speakers and coaches to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry. Since starting her company NGNG Enterprises Inc. (standing for No Guts No Glory) in 2007, she has spent her career impacting her community and building strong strategic alliances with thought leaders around the world. Amber has supported well over 1000 entrepreneurs to get results, including more than 500 authors on six continents such as bestselling authors Mark Victor Hansen, Brendon Burchard, Fabienne Fredrickson, Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Bill Walsh and Sandra Yancey. Connect at www.AmberLudwig.com.

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer is a one-in-a-million marketing professional. In my 20 years as a copywriter I've come across very few people who combine talent, intelligence, drive and inspiration with the power and passion that Amber does. Her work is amazing and partnering with her on projects is a joy. She truly cares about the people she works with, and the results she achieves are always first-rate. I highly recommend working with her." - Casey Demchak
Ken McArthur

Ken McArthur for Polaris Project

Selected as one of the Top-20 Most Influential People Online, Ken McArthur is a true change agent. Not only is he a bestselling author and responsible for multiple multi-million dollar joint venture relationships, but behind all of his great achievements, his passion is to impact others. (more below)

Introducing... How to Create a Highly Engaged Massive Audience with Your Ideas, Products and Services

Watch a preview:

A few of the incredible, high-powered nuggets Ken is eager to share with you...

  • Learn the undervalued critical step for building any solid, long-term joint venture relationship. (This very technique led to a new launch that generated $100,000+ within 90 days from creating the concept!)
  • "WOW" insight into viral marketing! Finally understand what motivates people to spread YOUR ideas, products and services so you can grow your company MUCH more rapidly.
  • Take a deep dive with Ken as he trains you on the 3 very important things people forget when they go out and try to make money. (Hint, you need all 3 in order to profit!)

Full Bio: bestselling author Ken McArthur has enabled thousands of people to achieve amazing impact by championing the philosophy that partnerships and collaboration build value for everyone. Selected by Fast Company as one of the Top-20 Most Influential People Online, Ken is the popular host of a series of live events that brings together top-level marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations and non-profit organizations to create multi-million dollar joint venture relationships. Connect at www.KenMcArthur.com.

John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas for Charity:Water

John Lee Dumas is the creator of EntrepreneurOnFire, an award-winning podcast that is currently generating more than 450,000 new downloads each month in more than 145 countries which also became a six-figure business in less than six months from launch. More, he is one of the most genuine, authentic, transparent entrepreneurs you'll meet! (more below)

Introducing... How to Grow a Massive Audience...and Monetize...with Podcasting!

Watch a preview:

John shared unmatched insight in his interview, but a few pieces of advice you can expect include...

  • Learn step-by-step how in just 14 months, John took $1,000 of his own money to start and grow EntrepreneurOnFire and turned it into a cash cow pulling in nearly $100,000 per month!
  • Want to get your brand out to 145 countries? Get crystal clear about how to launch and grow your own podcast with specific techniques John implements on his own show ... from what equipment to use, to his approach for sponsorships to how YOU can avoid John's #1 mistake.
  • The first 3 major action steps John took to build his entrepreneurial empire ... including the exact strategy he used to gain his first interviewees with megastars like Pat Flynn, Cliff Ravenscraft and Michael Stelzner. (The action steps aren't what you'd guess!)

Full Bio: John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of EntrepreneurOnFire, a top ranked business podcast that interviews today's most inspiring and successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. John has been featured in both TIME Magazine and Inc., and is the founder of Podcasters' Paradise; a community where Podcasters can create, grow, and monetize their podcast. EntrepreneurOnFire generates over 450,000 unique downloads a month with past guests such as Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Barbara Corcoran, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Guy Kawasaki. John believes in complete transparency, and you can find EntrepreneurOnFire's monthly income reports at EOFire.com/Income. All is revealed here, including how EntrepreneurOnFire became a six-figure business in less than six months from launch. Recaps of the 400+ episodes and MUCH more can be found at EOFire.com, and when you visit, make sure you are prepared to IGNITE! Connect at www.EntrepreneurOnFire.com.

Lisa Larter

Lisa Larter for Change Heroes

Lisa Larter is an internationally-acclaimed business strategist and social media expert who has a heart of gold and fierce determination to make her mark on the world. No stranger to success on a large scale (she ran a 100M dollar sales team, ahem), Lisa holds nothing back as she talks about exactly how to succeed in business. (more below)

Introducing... How to Build a Scalable Business, Grow Your Numbers and Make Money (for Real!)

Watch a preview:

Just a few of the amazing business and mindset strategies, learning lessons and wisdom Lisa is excited to share with you...

  • The single most effective way to approach social media PLUS how to leverage online relationships to exponentially grow your business.
  • Lisa opens up and shares her own internal business strategy ... Discover how she sets up systems for recurring revenue, how to create multiple income streams, and how to structure your company to handle large growth.
  • Go behind the curtain and hear the details of a huge learning lesson Lisa experienced about program development which caused her to ultimately switch gears and create a new program the online world is wild about.

Full Bio: Lisa Larter is a high school dropout who climbed the corporate ladder to lead a 100M dollar sales team in the Wireless Retail industry until 2006 when her entrepreneurial spirit took over and she became a self-taught business guru and social media expert. In 2012 she sold her store to focus exclusively on The Lisa Larter Group, The Social Business Academy and her role as Chief Social Officer with eWomenSocial Advantage. She coaches her clients in maximizing their sales and business growth through Social Media, Relationship Marketing, Systems and Technology. Lisa has a gift for breaking complex ideas down into simple, manageable steps so business owners can achieve results. Connect at www.LisaLarter.com.

If there’s one thing Lisa Larter understands, it’s BUSINESS. If there’s one thing Lisa Larter does, it’s DELIVER. Within minutes, she can hone in on the problem, map out your solution, and get you results like you never imagined. In fact, one little tip she gave me in my business resulted in $35,000 the very next week. But, that’s not the best part. The best part is that she is 100% committed to your success. When Lisa’s on your team, you become a stronger better entrepreneur!" - Christine Kane
Joel Comm

Joel Comm for WaterIsLIfe.com

Joel Comm is a NY Times bestselling author, highly-popular entrepreneur, and new media innovator who strives to add humor, genuine connection and over-the-top value to everyone's life. (more below)

Introducing... How to Become a Recognized Expert in Your Field

Watch a preview:

In this insightful and personal interview, Joel shares many incredible tips but a few include...

  • Joel exposes what he says is the single greatest move he's ever made in his 19-year career which opened up more doors than any other action he's ever taken. (And surprisingly, it wasn't what I would have guessed!)
  • Go behind the scenes and hear Joel's crushing entrepreneurial rock bottom experience (that led to him selling his top companies and letting go 38 team members) ... PLUS find out his mindset and strategies that turned everything around and led to him experience great happiness.
  • Discover how easy it can be to network and build relationships with others even if you're an introvert or shy ... after all, engaging with others is mandatory if you want to become an expert in your field!

Full Bio: Joel Comm is an entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, and new media innovator. An expert on harnessing the power of social media and mobile applications to expand your brand’s reach and engage in active relationship marketing, Joel is a sought-after public speaker who leaves his audience inspired, entertained, and armed with strategic tools to create a new media campaign that will explode their business. Connect at www.JoelComm.com.

If you want to be on the cutting edge of strategies that are being implemented by the most successful businesses, Joel has the answer. He has done a great job of demonstrating how a minor investment of time and energy can result in long-term payoffs. No wonder they call him the Social Media Expert!" - Kristopher Jones, CEO, Pepperjam and Author, SEO: Your Visual Guide to Successful Internet Marketing
Eric Graham

Eric Graham for Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

Eric Graham is an internationally-recognized ecommerce & marketing expert and eight-figure earner who has achieved success at the highest levels. Eric always goes the extra mile to help others and his success is a direct reflection of the massive amounts of value he adds to the lives of others. (more below)

Introducing... How to Turn Your Expertise Into an Empire

Watch a preview:

Just a few of the above-and-beyond internal business strategies, techniques and systems Eric is excited to share with you...

  • The shocking reason a 13 year old boy living in a trailer park wound up having a shoebox with over $10,000 hidden under his bed. (And, NO it wasn't anything illegal!)
  • The simple, yet profound "golden question" that when asked ALWAYS results in a million dollar business idea! (Ask this consistently, and your success is guaranteed!)
  • How Eric runs 12 different companies at the same time, while only working 30 minutes every other week in each of them! (Do THIS and you can build an empire, without losing your sanity!)

Full Bio: Internationally recognized as a leading authority on eCommerce and Internet Marketing, Eric Graham is the founder and CEO of several highly successful online and offline companies. Unlike many consultants, Eric has been in the trenches and knows what works and what doesn’t from personal experience, not just from academic theory. His services as a speaker, consultant, copywriter, coach and author are in high demand due to his knack for solving problems and significantly increasing the bottom line for his clients. Businesses both large and small have relied on Eric’s passion, vision and uncanny ability to identify the underperforming areas of their business and capitalize on overlooked opportunities to explode their sales and profitability. While his client list is large and diverse, they all have one thing in common, they have all profited greatly from Eric’s experience, expertise and advice. Connect at www.EricGraham.org.

Eric Graham has been an invaluable mentor who has helped exponentially grow my business. His brilliance shines through in every interaction and he is a never-ending well of the best ideas in the industry. If you are serious about your message and getting it out to the world in a MASSIVE way, you need to find a way to work with Eric. I give him my highest recommendation." - Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer
Renee Airya

Renee Airya for Make a Wish Foundation

Renee Airya is a highly successful entrepreneur who has a brilliant knack for helping individuals overcome their flaws, develop a signature story and get their unique message out to the world. She is one of the most genuine, loving, intuitive, courageous woman you'll meet! (more below)

Introducing... How to Flip Your Flaws, Discover your PowerStory & Amplify Your Income

Watch a preview:

Renee delivered a riveting interview and just a few of the amazing takeaways you can expect include...

  • Renee shares her signature process for developing your PowerStory ... this is one of the most valuable exercises to help you grow your tribe, connect with them on a much deeper level and convert them into long-term clients.
  • Learn the very powerful and highly effective strategy that will allow you to overcome any obstacle. (This is the very strategy Renee used to overcome a physical paralyzation the doctors said was impossible to heal from!)
  • Get access to Renee's highest suggestions for building your online platform and monetizing your products ... also learn some cool new trends you can implement for 2019 to give you a leg up on the competition.

Full Bio: Renee Airya is a former fashion model, who underwent massive brain surgery at age 29 for a life-threatening tumor that had been undiagnosed for 15 years. Coming out of anesthesia, she awoke to what most people would consider a nightmare. With less than a 1% chance, her facial nerve had been completely cut and her face 1OO% paralyzed on the right hand side, without a chance of medical cure. "Flip Your Flaws" is not only a compelling story of Renee's personal emotional, spiritual and physical journey from paralyzation to liberation... but moreover, puts a measurable pulse on the flaws of being human. She encourages everyone to step out of hiding by flipping their flaws and using them as a gateway for expressing their sincerity and most unique abilities. Connect at www.ReneeAirya.com.

I have used Renee Airya as personal coach for help in business, health and overall better alignment for my life for years. Renee has helped in literally every aspect of my business. From overall game-plan, product development, marketing strategy, product roll out, to help in communication with vendors, clients and employees. Her perspective is clear, concise, straight to the point and often downright enlightening for me. I feel like I have learned more about myself and my potentials from her than from any other person, book, seminar or training course that I have taken." - Jason Wiley, Vice President of a Marketing and Advertising Company
Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz For Community FoodBank of New Jersey

Mike Michalowicz (mi-KAL-o-witz) has built three multi-million dollar businesses (the first, he created with no experience and no savings!), is the “business makeover” specialist on MSNBNC, a multi-bestselling author and one of the kindest most humble people you'll ever meet. (more below)

Introducing... How to Create Explosive Business Growth Using the Pumpkin Plan!

Watch a preview:

Mike offered a deeply impactful experience during his interview, but just a few of the things you can expect to learn include...

  • The "shocking" small adjustment that most entrepreneurs are too scared to make, but can remarkably grow your company into a multi-million dollar winner PLUS learn the strategy for getting it done.
  • Get a private, inside look at Mike's self-made model for managing so many to-do's ... ditch overwhelm and focus on these 3 core areas of your business.
  • Awaken to the #1 mistake entrepreneurs make that gives them a one-way ticket to a business they hate ... plus learn the guideline for decision-making to build a profitable business you love.

Full Bio: Mike Michalowicz started his first business at the age of 24, moving his young family to the only safe place he could afford – a retirement complex. With no experience, no contacts and no savings he systematically bootstrapped a multi-million dollar business. Then he did it again. And again. His experience building three multi-million dollar companies fostered a philosophy rarely taught to entrepreneurs: the lack of money, experience and resources is, in fact, your greatest asset. Because, all these “limitations” bring about the key ingredient to entrepreneurial success: innovation. Mike is the CEO of a business growth consulting firm, Provendus Group; is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal; is the “business makeover” specialist on MSNBNC; and is the bestselling author of both The Pumpkin Plan and the entrepreneur’s cult classic book, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. Connect at www.MikeMichalowicz.com.

Hal Elrod

“Yo Pal” Hal Elrod for Front Row Foundation

Hal Elrod is living a Level 10 life and authentically mentoring the masses to do the same. Some of his many achievements include being a hall of fame business achiever, award-winning motivational keynote speaker, and author of two #1 bestselling books. (more below)

Introducing... How To Quickly Transform Any Area of Your Life or Business... (Before 8AM)

Watch a preview:

Just a few of the transformational stories and teachings Hal is excited to share with you...

  • Hal nails the #1 reason why most entrepreneurs don't get done what they set out to achieve. Learn how this simple adjustment can improve your profitability and overall happiness long-term.
  • The single action you can do every day to give you the most extraordinary life you could ever imagine. (Hal and his clients are living proof that it works!)
  • Gain relief and clarity as Hal explains how to eliminate the fog around finding your exact purpose and message. Imagine what you could accomplish once you are 100% on purpose and focused toward achieving your goals!

Full Bio: At age 20, Hal Elrod was in a fatal car accident. He was hit head on by a drunk driver at 70 mph, and was dead for 6 minutes. Having suffered permanent brain damage and been told by doctors that he would never walk again, Hal defied the logic of doctors and temptations to be a victim, and became an Ultra Marathon runner, hall of fame Business Achiever, international Success Coach, award winning Motivational Keynote Speaker, hip-hop recording artist, author of two #1 bestselling books: Taking Life Head On! and The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life... (Before 8AM), and most importantly—a grateful husband and father. Since being given a 2nd chance, Hal has dedicated his life to creating extraordinary results and showing others how to do the same. Visit his website and get 2 FREE chapters of his new book at www.YoPalHal.com.

Hal Elrod is one of the most inspiring speakers I have ever seen, and The Miracle Morning is the one book that will give you the blueprint to make profound changes in your life." - Rudy Ruettiger (Notre Dame football player who inspired the movie RUDY)
Christine Kane

Christine Kane for Dogwood Alliance

Christine Kane is a phenomenal businesswoman with a heart of gold who has created a seven-figure business supporting female entrepreneurs to create a successful life and business of meaning. (more below)

Introducing... How to Master Your Business Mindset and Grow Your Tribe

Watch a preview:

Christine opens up about her experience growing a highly-profitable business and a few discoveries you can expect include...

  • Finally, get specific A-B-C action steps to sign your first few clients naturally (including how to sell to them if you haven't had any real experience yet) ... PLUS learn how to generate immediate income and get your business growing. Then, learn how to scale from there!
  • Christine shares the two biggest fears you will come across in growing your business and her own personal, secret ritual to move past them so you can experience your greatest potential.
  • If you aren't getting the results you want in your business and in life, Christine exposes why. (...And WOW does it make sense!)

Full Bio: Christine Kane is known as the Mentor to People Who are Changing the World. She is the president and founder of Uplevel You™, a million-dollar company committed to the growth and empowerment of entrepreneurs and creatives around the globe through teaching not only high-level cutting-edge authentic marketing and business strategies - but also transformational techniques to shift mindsets and wealth. Christine has now worked with thousands of people in her Uplevel Your Life® Mastery Program and Uplevel Your Business™ Program & Blueprint, in addition to her popular events and retreats - where she teaches students how to create successful businesses based in their passion, attract an on-going stream of customers, clients and income -- while creating a life of meaning and purpose. Connect at www.ChristineKane.com.

Kate Muker

Kate Muker for Loretta Cella's Passion Foundation

Kate Muker is an extraordinary authentic leader and creator of powerful international communities for conscious women both online and offline. People constantly gravitate towards Kate because of her amazing ability to bring people together and create unforgettable experiences. (more below)

Introducing... How to Create Community and Powerful Partnerships

Watch a preview:

Just a few of the incredible insights Kate is eager to share with you include...

  • Take a deep dive into Kate's starting strategy that landed her 30,000 webpage views per month in a very short time. (...Not to mention how quickly she also grew the size of her very loyal community.)
  • Go behind the scenes into Kate's personal experience of having a business partner. (Discover the pros and cons to partnership, why she wouldn't take on another partner PLUS the one piece of advice she offers if you do decide to take that path)
  • WOW advice... Get a crystal clear blueprint for the event Kate created that is taking Vancouver by storm ... PLUS learn her savvy techniques that allowed her to double her previous attendance and sell out every event.

Full Bio: Kate Muker is the CEO and founder of Conscious Divas, a company that creates community for conscious women both on and offline. Conscious Divas inspires and empowers women to be the best versions of themselves, by connecting deeply, discovering one's authentic path, living passionately and being fabulous. They offer a free digital publication filled with wisdom from the best experts in health, healing and personal growth, a community site with free tele-seminars and live events hosted by local city chapters. Kate and Conscious Divas have been quoted in the Vancouver Sun, Globe and Mail and Vancouver View Magazine. Connect at www.ConsciousDivas.com.

When a women has power, she uses that power to positively affect everything around her; her community, her children, her husband, her job everything is affected by her positive light. That in turns becomes a positive light in itself to inspire others in their lives and on their journeys. I think that is exactly what you have created here with Conscious Divas, a positive light that affects all those around it. So thank you so much for creating such a wonderful group. I very much look forward to being in attendance for many future date nights." - A. Bennett
Dr. Nima Rahmany

Dr. Nima Rahmany for Chiromission

Dr. Nima Rahmany is an outstanding individual between his incredible leadership, his courage, his compassion, and his deep passion to help others. He has built one of Vancouver's largest multi-disciplinary wellness practices, offers coaching and speaking while also spending his time impacting our youth. (more below)

Introducing... How to Turn Your “Mess” into Your “Message” + How to Manage Your Stress and Get More Done!

Watch a preview:

Dr. Nima offered many incredibly impactful pieces of wisdom in his interview and a few include...

  • Awaken to a great "ah ha" about what draws your tribe/clients to you, and what repels them. This one insight could change your sales rates forever!
  • Impressive insight into how we behave in an effort to be well-liked and accepted (even at a subconscious level) PLUS how to shift your perspective and find your inner genius to avoid low self-esteem.
  • Finally, get control of your stress! Dr. Nima explains when and why you feel stress, what shocking affects stress has on the body, and how you can adapt when anxiety comes into your life.

Full Bio: Dr. Nima Rahmany is a Chiropractor on a mission to transform lives. He is the owner of the greater Vancouver area’s largest multi-disciplinary wellness practices. His focus is on clearing mental, physical and lifestyle subluxations to facilitate mind and body healing. Shortly after graduating from CMCC in 2001, he moved to beautiful British Columbia and built one of the area’s largest practices, and now in addition to having a large private practice, he teaches and coaches in a one-on-one or group setting helping people transform their unwanted physical and emotional states into states of health, success, fulfillment and fun in all areas of life. Connect at www.DrNima.com.

Vasavi Kumar

Vasavi Kumar for Bring Change 2 Mind

Vasavi Kumar is the definition of authenticity and leadership. Vasavi holds dual Master's degrees, is a #1 bestselling author and appears on NBC as the "Keepin' It Real Guru." (more below)

Introducing... How to Get Your Hustle On and Handle Doubt and Criticism

Watch a preview:

A few of the amazing mindset and business strategies Vasavi is fired up to share with you...

  • Vasavi shares how she built her business to be "evergreen" so her products and programs could run independently of her, giving her the freedom to do the things she wants to do the most in life while making income to support her dreams. Discover how you can do the same!
  • If you've been searching for your purpose or exact message, search no further! Learn the nuts and bolts of discovering and living your purpose, but also, what can cause you to all of a sudden go against your purpose. (Watch out for that!)
  • The single greatest thing you can do for your following and clients that will keep them coming back for more. (...And more beyond that!)

Full Bio: Vasavi Kumar is often described as "your kick-in-the-pants guide en route to your desired destination." A certified coach, Vasavi (VAH-sahvee) holds dual Master's degrees in Special Education from Hofstra University and Social Work from Columbia University. She's co-author of the bestselling book Succeeding in Spite of Everything, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and appears on NBC as the "Keepin' It Real Guru" on Kansas City Live, and most recently on VH1s Basketball Wives where she coached one of the main stars of the show. Connect at www.VasaviKumar.com.

Vasavi is radically different – in the BEST way – from others in her field. Her blend of straight-talkin’ love, myth-bustin’ mindset tools, and truth-tellin’ boldness makes me want to be in action every day. She inspires me to do even better on my own path. She gets IT and best of all, she gets ME." - Jennifer Kem, Marketing Strategist and Brand Expert
Dr. David Chalk

Dr. David Chalk for St. Jude

Named a ‘Leader of the Next Millennium’ Dr. David Chalk is an award-winning entrepreneur who sold his first million-dollar business by the age of 23. All of this success came from a man who was told as a young boy he would never amount to anything because of his severe acute dyslexia and brain damage. David has an incredible must-hear story, eons of experience and gives more value to one individual than many give in a lifetime to the masses. (more below)

Introducing... How to Overcome Unimaginable Odds and Achieve Extreme Success in Your Life and Business

David opens up in his interview in a way few rarely ever do. A few of the over-the-top pieces of advice you can expect includes...

  • David exposes how he approaches giant superstars (like with Bill Gates and Martha Stewart) and corporations (like Sony and Samsung) to strike a relationship. Imagine what would be possible if you applied this secret to your business!
  • Finally, get access to THE cure to low self-esteem issues and inner criticism that holds you back from executing any idea ... from public speaking... from living your greatest potential...and more. (Powerful!)
  • Discover the 1 thing you need to do to see positive business changes beyond your wildest imagination - what David calls the "ground floor of the magic."

Full Bio: Named a ‘Leader of the Next Millennium’ by Equity Magazine, Dr. David Chalk continues to utilize his successes by inspiring others to catapult their lives to a higher level of motivation and accomplishment. Born with severe acute dyslexia, the inability to recognize faces, and being told repeatedly throughout his childhood he would never amount to anything, David grew and sold his first million-dollar business by the age of 23. A one of a kind on many fronts, David is entirely self-taught and has created more than 20 companies in the fields of technology, education, construction, marketing, distribution, manufacturing and retail. A knowledgeable and award-winning marketing and sales expert, David has been asked to lecture at many leading institutions including Stanford and Harvard Universities. He has also used his bold and unconventional business management and leadership skills to help recover businesses on the brink of bankruptcy and skyrocket companies to record-breaking sales. A pioneer in the technology industry, having created Doppler Computers and Chalk Media Inc., David has also managed teams of 500 sales personnel and has coached sales teams in over 50 of North America’s largest companies including SunLife, Research in Motion (RIM), Best Buy, Staples, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Sony, and Samsung. Among his many accolades, David has received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Technology from the University of Fraser Valley, a YEO Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Yahoo Award for Design Innovation, Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur Award, Retail Councils Top Marketer Award, Top 100 Companies to Work For Award, and the BM Retail Award for Excellence in Managing. Connect at www.DavidChalkInc.com.

Nancy D. Solomon

Nancy D. Solomon for Room to Read

Nancy D. Solomon has had a wildly successful career authoring books, speaking on stages in front of thousands and training the teams of giant corporations such as Microsoft, Target, Acura, Nordstrom, Wellpoint, Westin and IACCM plus has a heart of pure gold. (more below)

Introducing... How to Use Your Intuitive Intelligence to Lead, Inspire and Transform Yourself, Your Work and Your World

Watch a preview:

Just a few of the above-and-beyond internal business strategies, techniques and systems Nancy is excited to share with you...

  • A can't-miss insight into how leadership in our culture is drastically changing and how you can shift with it to be a better leader for your tribe and get better results.
  • Do you feel like your life is a little chaotic with ups and downs and turns and shifts happening very rapidly? You're not alone. Nancy exposes exactly what's going on, why and what the solution is.
  • Learn the biggest misconception about how to make an impact and what you have to do to be successful. (Wow, her insight makes so much sense!)

Full Bio: A one-of-a-kind force of nature, Nancy is a transformation-inspiring, potential-expanding, life-changing modern day visionary and thought leader with a New York accent. As a renowned expert in the personal development field Nancy has, over the past 20+ years, assisted thousands to break through the barriers to their personal and professional success. Applying the powerful Solomon Principles for Success™, Nancy helps entrepreneurs to exponentially grow their businesses, guides individuals to discover their life purpose and path, and supports organizations to attract and retain top talent. Known as The Voice of Intuitive Intelligence, Nancy is a veteran coach, dynamic keynote speaker and trainer, published author, and career strategist. She is the author of the acclaimed book, Impact! What Every Woman Needs to Know to Go From Invisible to Invincible, and is currently working on her next book. Nancy’s clients include Microsoft, Target, Acura, Nordstrom, Wellpoint, Westin and IACCM, and many passionate individuals. Connect at www.NancyDSolomon.com

Nancy Solomon is an absolute “10”. Her keynote was one of the most valuable sessions of our international event, and many of our attendees let us know that her presentation made the event the success it was. Her stage presence is phenomenal; she is smart, witty, relaxed and engaging. When it comes to getting her message across to her audience, Nancy delivers! With just the right mix of research, practical application, and entertainment, she captured the audience’s attention from start to finish and gave them takeaways they're still talking about." - Katherine Kawamoto, Vice President Research & Advisory ServicesInternational Association for Contract & Commercial Management

Our Current Members Are Giving Rave Reviews!!

“Can you spell … F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C? BRILLIANT? COLOSSAL? OFF-THE-CHARTS CONTENT? YOU are simply on FIRE, little Miss Amber, and I am so, so, SO, SO, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU! You have truly stunned me with the Summit. Dang, girl! You nailed it!!!! WELL DONE! Thumbs up!”
– Dawn-Marie Hanrahan

“The only person I’m familiar with on the panel is Christine Kane so I listened to her first. Now I’m listening to the rest sequentially. So far, aside from Christine’s, I’ve listened to Amber’s (great!) and I’m half way through Dr. David Chalk. And the only reason I’m only half way through is because I keep stopping the feed & rewinding to take notes. I’d say I’ve made back my investment many times over with only the two & a half interviews I’ve listened to so far. Thanks so much for putting this together Amber!”
– Valentina Serra

“Just a quick note to tell you how much I’ve learned from the Authentic Business Success Summit…and I’ve only watched 3 interviews! Your guests are so open and free with their ideas, strategies, and success tips, that I have just been blown away by the value I’ve received so far. In particular, I loved the way Mike Michalowicz talked about how each of us is the absolute best in the world at something, and how we can monetize that unique gift. Mike clearly understands the mind of the entrepreneur, and I’ve already started using one of his big take-a-ways. Thanks for all the hard work you did, and continue to do to put this together. It really makes a difference. The first three videos were so good, that I plan on watching at least three or four more this weekend!”
– Tom Rubens

Invaluable content! I am on video number 5 today and already have 20 pages of notes! Eric Graham made a huge impact! Hearing him speak about how to bring the greatest value to the greatest amount of people. It really resonated with me. And I’ll tell you what, I don’t know about his 34 degree showers but he did motivate me to start swimming each morning (I’m training for a half ironman and procrastinate on my swim practice). Eric, you have changed a life today! Thanks! And thank you Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer for putting together this summit. I cannot wait to see where this takes me.”
– Kimberly Maska

I love Authentic Business Success Summit! Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer created something so innovative, I know it will create a shift in how Summit’s are run and viewed. The group of people that Amber assembled and their combined wisdom, I’m convinced will better every single person that takes the time to listen, and then act on what they learn. I’m hard pressed to choose a favorite! I seriously have pages of notes from the speakers. I’ve already implemented parts of information that resonated with me, and in turn will have an impact on my business. I love what Dr. David Chalk said, “Do everything you don’t want to do for 30 days.” Christine Kane shared wisdom, when you don’t know what direction to pursue, “If you did know, who would you serve?” I just watched your video Amber, excellent, tons of content. I’ll stop there, because, each speaker is amazing.”
– Deanna Robinson

The Authentic Business Success Summit is pretty much blowing my mind right now. I’m learning the “secrets” of the best in the world and realizing that I am capable of doing exactly what they are doing if I put into practice what I’m learning. I have the potential to change not just my business this year but my entire life. Today I watched Christine Kane and Dr. David Chalk’s videos. Totally amazing! I love David’s advice that if you do everything you don’t want to do for 30 days your life will be changed. So profound. So simple. But not many people will do it. I am going to let that idea grow a little longer for me in terms of how it relates to my entire life but I am definitely going to embody it 100% in my business starting today. Amazing stuff Amber, amazing. Thank you.”
– Parrish Wilson

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer’s Authentic Business Success Summit is like a treasure chest packed with hidden gems any entrepreneur would die to have in their hands. Listening to Hal Elrod discuss how to create a ‘Miracle Morning’ routine is especially motivating because his suggestions are simple but extremely powerful. They really help you set the stage for making every day of your life exciting, dynamic and highly productive.”
– Casey Demchak

“I thoroughly enjoyed watching Ken McArthur’s Authentic Business Summit interview today. It was filled with great advice. For those who don’t know Amber, she is a game changer in your business and over delivers every time. You definitely want her on your team.”
– Kelli Law

“Amber you Rock Rock Rock. I’m sure you have heard this but thank you for putting all this together. There is a ton of information. I just watched the awesome”ness” Mike Michalowicz – 2x – it was fantastic. I wished I had 2 votes to give out for Mike & John Lee Dumas. Both guys rock rock rock.”
– Darlene Cote

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Podcast Launch starts with helping you identify your topic, which is followed by the equipment needed, how to record and edit your podcast, adding intros and outros, tagging your MP3, uploading to a media host, embedding your MP3 onto your website, submitting your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Blackberry, launching your podcast the right way, building your audience, and finally, monetizing.

In Podcast Launch, John Lee Dumas also shares how he turned his podcast into a six-figure income generator that inspires thousands of people daily. It started with an AH-HA moment, and passion has guided him ever since. John shares the lessons he learned so you can take advantage of all his victories and learn from all of his failures. Your final result will be a podcast of your own. (Value: $7.99)

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Gift #1: 3-Day Beauty Booster eCourse
Entrepreneurs often sacrifice their health in the process of building their business. This (technically 10-Day) experience will help you put yourself and your health first so you can show up more available in all aspects of your life. Includes 15+ recipes, meal plan, exercise videos and 2 downloadable e-guides. (Value: $197)

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Gift #3: Complimentary 90-minute Coaching Conversation
As a coach, I support my clients in creating what they want most. We take what's on the inside and make it a reality outside in the world. I work with my clients to build their businesses, have greater intimacy in their relationships, become friends with their body, and to be bolder and more courageous in their life in general. We explore fully what's blocking them, both internally and externally, and work together so that healing may occur and they can live the life they long to have. This gift is limited to the first 5 people who claim it. (Value: Priceless)

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Judith Briles is an award-winning author of 31 books, publisher and publishing consultant with decades of experience. She’s a blunt, butt-kicking, benevolent book coach and book doctor. She’s the Chief Visionary Officer of Author U, a membership organization that is designed for authors who want to be seriously successful.

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Tina Obed, LL.M, MA.HRM,FCIPD, is the founder of the internationally-recognized business Lead from the Soul. Her long-standing expertise is supporting soul-centered people in business to create impactful, purpose-driven results through their businesses and lives.

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Amy Deagle is a Possibility Activator & Life Design Strategist. She works with women who are starting out in business or who have created a business that they no longer enjoy and help them find their true Purpose, Passion & Possibility! She is also the founder & publisher of the Women of Possibility magazine which further promotes Amy's core belief that success is a mindset, not a location.

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